cut-jp | Social Design, Social project produce - Re-editing Japan

Social Design, Social project produce~Re-editing Japan

Mission We have two significant thoughts in this group name CUT

  • Re-editing Japan!
    Although Japan holds much attractiveness in its culture and products, some of them are still hidden and not many people recognize the values.
    If we can somehow re-edit them and see them from different angles, things would be changed. We try to connect people, activities, and things together, and to edit them in order to offer the new attractions.
  • Japan can be stimulated by creativities!
    CUT = Creative Up-Turn
    We have another thoughts on the name “CUT” as we would like Japan to come alive using creativities. When we face any problem, we take it as a chance with excitement not to give up.
    We will cheer Japan up with creativity.


Cut-jp (Non-profit organization)
#2F, 2-22-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo

In order to achieve our goals;
(1)We practice social project producing, setting up the platform of contents and media related to social contribution.

(2)Also we will discover, cultivate and network the human recourses that can be contributed for social produces.

As seen from the above, we aim to operate social projects with social producers with the aim of activating Japan with creativity with the following projects.

  • 1. Investigative research and knowledge dissemination
  • 2. Planning and assistance
  • 3. Education and training
  • 4. People to people exchange
  • 5. Other projects in order to accomplish the purpose of the organization
Board Member
  • Trustee (chief): Mr Yoshinobu Soda
  • Trustee : Mr Motoi Sadakane
  • Trustee: Mr Taiji Edogawa
  • Auditor: Mr Satoru Ueda

Organization History

June 2008
Inaugural meeting
August 2008
Apply for organization establishment to cabinet office
November 2008
Board meeting
December 2008
Organization registration completed
March 2009
Board meeting
March 2010
Board meeting
March 2011
Board meeting
March 2012
Board meeting
March 2013
Board meeting
March 2014
Board meeting
March 2015
Board meeting